Slab Boundary

I’m trying to extract JUST the outer boundary of a slab. I’ve been working with the Lunchbox Floor element Collector, which gives you the boundary, but also any holes in the slab, which I don’t really want or need, and they are kind of messing with my workflow. Is there a way to extract just the outer boundary of a slab? Thanks

I’m not in front of my computer right now so I can’t test this out, but I would think you could look for all sets of closed curves, create surfaces from the closed curves, then pick out the set that gives the largest area (the interior closed curves would be the openings and must have a smaller area than the outer boundary).

That’s kind of what I moved towards, I was just hoping there was a more straightforward way

Or cycle through looking for which points/curves/etc. are within others and exclude those?

I think we’ve had this question before but I can’t find anything. You could try the following:

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Thanks for the suggestions everyone. Dimitar, what are those “Collector” nodes you have in there? I take it they’re part of a package that I don’t have?

Those are from the spring nodes package.