Simpler way to export and import points


I’m trying to figure out a way to more simply export points to reuse later in another script.

For some reason exporting the points to SAT and reimporting them is not working, even though I’ve seen it used in a script.

Another way that comes to mind is exporting the individual components of the points (x,y,z) and then reimporting them using those components. But it seems like an unnecessarily long way. Maybe I’m just being lazy, but I thought I’d ask over here if any of you know of a simpler way?

If you can export to CAD such as DWG you could try the new BimorphNodes CAD.PointsFromCADLayers node

You could export and import the point coordinates using Excel:

Perhaps a data.remember node (Refinery)?

Jacob, do you have an example?

Try SAB instead of SAT

In another file…


Not offhand, and it could prove difficult to manage. I have used it to open a graph in Dynamo for Civil 3D, get some geometry and wire it into the remember node, save the graph, open the same graph in Dynamo for Revit, have the Remember node recall the data fed by the now unresolved Dynamo for Civil 3D nodes, then do Revit interactions with the remembered data, remember that geometry and finally reopen the graph in Dynamo for Civil to push the remembered Revit content into the model as well…

Convoluted and not how it was intended to use, but useful all the same.


This is exactly what I was looking for. I wasn’t even aware of the existence of an SAB file. Thanks!