Simple If ... acting up on Friday morning

so i have that simple if that wont return the true value… any idea?

It’s because the "False " input is an empty list at the moment. I know that it is a strange behaviour. I actually noticed it this morning in another case.
Try ScopeIf instead, Some packages also have better working IF nodes.

I noticed that when i tested with simple string.

I can recommend the “ScopeIf+” package from Clockwork :slight_smile:

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Ok, using Scope if… threw Data-Shape in a loop ahahahah
Im using Clockwork ScopeIf+

On one situation i get this

And the other

I used a x[0] but im curious to see why?

Can you show a little more of your work-flow? :slight_smile: (preferably with previews enabled)

Here’s the not acting one

Use longest lacing on the scopeif+ :slight_smile:

The reason is that the “object.Isnull” returns x number of true/false values for each object in your list

scope if is a tricky node, the two branches must be totally independent, but it is very useful - it actually will not execute the branch that is not passed through. This is unlike all other nodes in Dynamo, it’s valuable when your branches have side effects like interacting with revit.


mmm… interesting.
I’ve been using Clockwork’s passtrough, ScopeIf sounds pretty much the same to me no?