Sight Analysis: rotate gaze direction

Algoritmo vista.dyn (34.4 KB) Hello to everyone, i would ask you how can i rotate this line?
This line should rotate according to the rotation of the instance on Revit.

I tried to duplicate a point but of course if i use y o r Coordinates it’s doesn’t rotate.
I should use the normal direction of the sight of the person, how can i do it?
Thank you so much. I upload the family and the .dyn file.persona in 3d.rfa (332 KB)

Not sure what you’re trying to do, but the package covered in this blog post by @keanw may help with sight analysis.

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Well, thank you @jacob.small, i make the question simpler because it was not clear in the way i asked. I should get the front view of the family instance and create a plane on Dynamo according to that reference.

I did it @jacob.small :wink: Genius Loci Package saved me
Here the solution i was looking for…