Shortest Route?

That is exactly what I did but the image was too large to upload to the forum so I chopped it in half to reduce the file size. ><

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Awesome, I wonder if that’s a record! :slight_smile:

I forgot to mention that all data is stored into the electrical device that is being routed too.

Wow, thank you so much for your help @rdeardorff! I will try du make sens of your graph, and reconstruct it to see how it can fit into my project as well :slight_smile: Again, big big thank you!

I thank you @Vykr for share your work, that is helping me to solve one similar problem. But im having another problem with your custom node, i want to select the path through one electrical fixture to the board, but if there is two conduits or more connected on the fixture, it gets both, not only the shortest. Im kinda of new in dynamo, so cant understand the python code, do u know why this happens, have any idea to give me as solution? If someone else knows how to help me also…

do you think, with a few changes this could be used to get the route lengths for duct work and pipe work routes?

@robertHWJPT Sorry for the very delayed response but the answer would be yes.