Shoe/taps ventilation, mechanical

Quick question:
Is there any way to obtain duct that shoe/tap is attached to? Maybe there is a way :smiley:

Hi Tomasz,

In short โ€œYesโ€ there is a way :slight_smile:.

Could you tell me where should I start? Iโ€™ ve checked pretty much everything in Revit lookup and revitapi without success. Maybe connector origin? :smiley:

Yes Connector origin. Extract the connectors origin then convert Ducts to Solid Geometry and then filter ducts intersects with points.

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Thank you,
Iโ€™ll post solution a lil bit later.

No problem :wink:

Pls find attached solution. I changed family type name to โ€œuโ€ just for filtering taps. I wonder if there is other way to do this without checking intersections.
SHOE.dyn (13.2 KB)

As I thought this solution is painfully slow.
Maybe there is sth in API to do this faster ?