Sheet Shet Number is Read-Only

Same exercise, but this time i’m trying to concatenate parameters to then write in the Sheet Number.

So i extract a list of sheets, concatenate the values and then try to write to the “Sheet Number” but it gets me back an error with Read-Only.

I then notice that Titleblocks have a Sheet Number parameter also. When looking at the API i can see Viewer_Sheet_Number, im assuming it’s the one i’m after :slight_smile:


Again, any help would be much appreciated :slight_smile:

daniel, creating a sheet:

viewsheet = ViewSheet.Create(doc,fs.Id) # fs.Id = the Id of the sheet familytype (A0…)


and setting the number:

sheetnumber = " here is the number"

viewsheet.SheetNumber = sheetnumber


that’s it

I’m not trying to create it, i’m trying to simply fill the Sheet Number using a concatenation of other parameters :slight_smile:

daniel, but that is the same:

existingsheet = “your sheet”

sheetnumber = “the concatenated string”

existingsheet.SheetNumber = sheetnumber


you can use Get Built in Parameter node from archi lab and feed it “SHEET_NUMBER” as parameter name. Then use Set Built In Parameter node with the same param name but a new name for a sheet number/name.

Thanks Konrad,

i get this error when using the node

Traceback (most recent call last): File “<string>”, line 63, in <module> TypeError: int is not iterable

Im guessing it’s because im getting some values that are the same. Investigating it :slight_smile: