Sheet Number is string. I need to select it after its been selected via UI.MultipleForm ++

I am using the UI.MultipleForm ++ to filter Sheets that I want to send to Excel. With that list, I want to get the viewports on those sheets. I believe sending the sheets into the UI form must be strings. So then how would I get that list (now strings) into a list of Sheets from which I can extract my viewports.

There is a node called View.GetViewport in SteamNodes that could help…

Hi @tlivingston ,

when creating a ListView input for the form, the keys are de strings that will be displayed in the form. The values are the elements represented by those keys. When the user performs his selection through the form, what you get as an output is the value. In your case, the key list should be the sheet name list, and the value list should the matching list of sheet elements. You can then use the node @Yna_Db suggested to get the viewports. The one I use in the following gif is from archi-lab :

Thank you for the help. I rebuilt it as you have shown and it works. However, I would like to ultimately have the sheets listed from a link. I have noticed a lot of nodes behave differently when dealing with links. Like the node Sheet.SheetName fails. I have yet to figure that out. If you have any adivce, I would appreciate it.

Thank you,