Shared Parameters with data managed from Excel List

Hi @Kulkul
Still, no luck!! Though it worked with the downloaded Excel file…
So it’s got to be something that is there in my Excel file…??

I have no idea of Python coding - so can’t follow what’s the error in line 101 :sweat:

Attached files used…
SP_Temp.xlsx (9.6 KB)
Shared Parameter Dynamo1 - 2016_RCS.dyn (19.6 KB)

Any guideline would be much helpful
R. Chandrasekar

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Alright, I will fix it for you give some time.

Thanks a lot

Here you go try this files SP_Temp(Kulkul).xlsx (8.3 KB)
Shared Parameter (For Chandrasekar).dyn (13 KB)


Dear @Kulkul ,

i tried your script & it works just fine.
Thank you for help.

Could you help me Adding some of these parameters as project parameter on some categories?


Hi @MegaMax84x Sure why not. Could you please create a new topic.

Dear @Kulkul,

i created a new topic as requested, could you help us??

Hi @Kulkul
Thanks a lot for your kind efforts :+1:
It works as expected :slight_smile: when using with the Excel you uploaded.
But, When I try to change the Parameter Group to be Multiline Text, it fails

Maybe there’s a syntax that I am missing :sweat:
Can you please advise how to change that?

R. Chandrasekar.

There is no PG “MultiLineText” that’s the reason it throws that error. I suggest you use different PG…

It’s exactly the same definition, no changes except the one highlighted value in my previous post.
Graph below:

PG_MultilineText is Parameter Group (I suppose)
That value gets dropped out of the list too
The Category part didn’t have errors

Sincere Apologies - My Bad :sweat:
As the data in my head was transposed to the way this works along with the no headings, I was lost!
I was meaning the Type of Parameter

So changed it in the other row

Error is this now…

What am I missing or doing wrong?
Many Thanks once again @Kulkul

Sorry - Had missed to connect the first Input

Drops that value in the other list now…

Correct error is this

Change as shown in Excel file.


Thanks a lot @Kulkul - U Rock!! :clap: :clap:

BTW, what does these Python nodes do extra, that the OTB nodes are unable to do?
I don’t intend to learn Python / go down the route as to how to code… but just curious.

Can you please explain in simple terms so that everyone gets an idea? :wink:

Will update this post in case I find anything more interesting reg the same topic…!

FYI, Python is not a node it is a programming language. It is an advance level of programming.
Below are some links for Python learning resources.

I wish you all the best :slight_smile:

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Hi @Kulkul
What I meant by Python Nodes are the Custom Nodes written in Python
I knew that it’s a Programming language and that’s why I had mentioned that I would prefer not to go down the route of learning how to code…!!
Still, Many Thanks for the resources and your Wishes… :slight_smile:

When we are on the Topic - thought I can ask u this also…

Is there any method in the API to access the Tooltip? Intent is to have Tooltip text in another Column in the Excel sheet, so it gets populated along with the parameter. Possible to do this?

@Chandrasekar_Rajaman Could you please create a new topic and ask your query. This topic is already solved.