Shared Parameter Value

Hi I am looking solution how to clear shared parameter value,

problem is if I add shared parameter to space lets call it computer loads W and I type value 100 W… I make Space Tag show me cooling load and computer laod…so if value exist it will show ma only this on Tag…this is grat…

but problem is when I by mistake type some value to lets say shaft and then I can not completly clear it so zero will remain and then my tag will not show cooling load as value never existed but will show computer loads = 0…

  1. I want to find out if we can clear number value as far as I know it is not possible

  2. secondly could we use Dynamo delete all shared parameters from project then reinstert them again as this will clear all value and then I import all values again…I guess I could sort before export by room number so when pasting back will be some order…

I hope someone can help and advice on that,




I was exploring this subject and manage to add and remove parameter problem I found now is that I need to run two codes.

Hi I have this issue with Dynamo script running to fast… and need Delay None

Problem is that I need to run this in two setps…If I connect as per this dotted line on image below it runs too fast and nothing happend… I guess solution would be some node that waits till revit opetation is done or manual delay node ie. 3 sek in this case first operation could be completed before second is started.
Please let me know if this is clear what I am trying to show

Dynamo, Revit 2015 Build 20150704_0715(x64 Update Release 9)


Removing Adding Parameters








Try this:



Konrad thanks a lot

Respect! - this worked excellent