Shadows in Revit not matching other software

Anyone has had this problem before?
I’m running a quick sun shadow study in Revit and the result is slightly off from another software i.e. Rhino. I’ve input the same parameters (latitude, longitude, time, daylight savings, true north…) Model is directly exported from Revit to Rhino.
How is the sun angle slightly off? Which software should I choose?

Hmm… I’m not aware of inbuilt inaccuracies with Revit…

The guys on this forum are pretty knowledgeable about Revit, but maybe you’ll get better replies on a specialist Revit visualiser forum?

I’m happy to speculate though :slight_smile: Unfortunately there will be a host of possible culprits, doubled by having 2 software packages.

Maybe start with a photo of a lamppost and it’s shadow wherever you are… check that against Revit and Rhino?

My first thought is whether the project is correctly rotated to true north…

If you can’t figure it out, perhaps upload your Rvt?

Hope that’s useful,


True north angle being off,incorrect project base point, and Daylight Savings time setting are the only reasons I have seen this.

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yet I’ve unified all those parameters between the software…
so bizarre…