Set Visibility Parameters in Filtered Sheets

I want to changed the PROJECT STATUS Visibility parameter in my Titleblock from 1 to 0 in my filtered sheets.

How can i do that? below is what i have so far.


Does this do what you’re after?

SheetParameterSet.dyn (9.5 KB)

Just a couple of points

  • Setting 1 to 0… I presume you want to set true to false…
  • You’ll need the Springs package
  • On the forum, we generally appreciate it if you upload your dyn file

I hope that’s helpful,


Yes, thanks a lot! that is how i want it to be.
I did’t know about that Springs.Collector.ElementsInView

That’s from the Spring Node package

yup. i have it. i’m just saying that i didn’t know about that node :slight_smile: