Set point relative to existing points

Im trying to learn how to breakdown mzjensen sample into smaller part so I can try to understand them.

Hi @jcoon ,

To your question, yes!
When i need to offset a point or something alike i create a local coordinatesystem from an object, a line, or something similar. Then i can use the node you described to offset a point by the given directions.


so you set coordinate system more like when use set a user coordinate system view in model space, start being 0,0

what is the format you enter the new point with? and how do you use the existing point in that format?

Thank you

@jcoon - does this help?

Example.dyn (25.3 KB)


nice explanation @mzjensen , couldnt show a better example :slight_smile:


that’s prefect I should be to make some headway with that hopefully
Thanks Mzjensen.