Set phase to tags

Hi All,

I am trying to set phase for tags. I found nodes in package manager that can only get phase. Where can i get node for set phase?

Thanks in Advance!

Not sure if I’m reading correctly, is this what you want?

Phase Parameter

Thanks Jimmy, but that’s not i want. Actually i have 2 Phases (Phase 1 & Phase 2). I need to assign some elements in Phase 1 & some Elements in Phase 2. I can set phases for other elements but Annotation and Tags i can’t, there is no parameter in Annotations and Tags that i can set phase. Below is the screenshot.




So if you tag an element in Phase 1 you want the tag to read “1” and for a phase 2 element the tag to read “2”?
Or do you actually need the tags themselves to have a phase associated to them?

That’s the normal way to tag an element in phases. For example there is a project without any phases but later client decides he needs the project in two phase then how can tags and annotations be set to phases.

Tags is part of Elements so that will solve the issue of Tags but only remaining thing is Annotations.:)

Thanks Jimmy,