Set ParameterByName and if condition

Hi everyone,

I´m tring to set ParameterByName with an If condition.
I would write a “Customtext” if the Parameter Room is null(false), but i still can not get there…

Any ideas?

Seems like you have unplaced Rooms

in my door list, i need to list “from room” parameter as well. All external doors are then getting this error because there are no rooms outside the building…

Maybe you could create a room boundary outside the building and place a Room, call it " outside"

Better yet: ask if the value is null, and change your results with an If statement instead of filtering the results. Then set the value after you change it without having to deal with differing data structures.

value != null ? value : “Custom Text” ;

for reference:
test ? ifTrue : ifFalse ;


Hi all,
@JacobSmall thank you very much!! easy and effective. It´s working perfectly!

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