Set 'formula' to normal

Hi (@erfajo) ,

Using the orchid package I set a bunch of families with a fixed (formula) parameter value. Now I’m having second thoughts and I want to set those formulas back to normal values.

Since my famlies are all placed in a single project do I have to:

  1. export all families to a directory
  2. use Formula.Remove
  3. use Parameter.Setvalue

Or is there a faster option (dynamo2.x)?

Formula.Remove should do the job… on all the parameters :slight_smile:

So first: the approach is the best / only way? (now the parameter is ‘read-only’ … obvious due formula)

Formula.Remove does remove all parameters …
3. set parameters (but one) to formula values
4. use Parameter.Setvalue for the other parameter


remove formula is the same as inside Revit. It removes the formula, and the former “grey” value will be set back to normal…

the only thing you should do is removing the formula. but if you need to set new values or “delete” parameter values, then you need to use the “SetValue” node

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so step 1. and step 2. are still the way to go. Bummer, but no big deal.

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I am afraid not… go get the coffee and then just start from the top :slight_smile:

However, I have heard someone use a trick they call “backup”… I am not sure what it means, but it should apparently save a lot of work :smiley:


coffee: :white_check_mark:

trick called “backup”: :rofl::rofl::rofl::joy::joy: