Set family name in different parameter and set parameter based on family name


I try to set the family name of the objects into a parameter “family_name”. This way i can filter the family name in a schedule.
I also try set a “Function” parameter based on the family name. but somewhere my familyname gets lost. I tryed it different ways (not all shown here). maybe some smart guy can help me with this.


Some of the parameters in Revit for - as in your example file here ext/int- do not have a simple text string.
In some cases, the values are stored in a pre-set table of pre set options.
Exterior/Interior is one such case.
If you select the element in Revit you will see a dropdown in the properties giving you all possible options available.
Mostly the option listed as the first one in the list, can be set as 1 or 0, instead of the string “exterior”.

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I think that’s exactly what you’re looking for.