Sequential Mark Value - By Family Type

Hi All,
Seeking some advise from people with a little more knowledge than myself if possible.
Basically I’m looking into creating the following script (combined if possible)!

  1. Delete all Mark Values (Found this on Dynamo Player)
  2. Input sequential Mark values starting from number 1 and repeat as per family type


Got this far and hit a wall. Any advise would be greatly aprreciated.


You have a list of families. You want to group that list of families by somehing. Get the family type for each family instance, as this will be KEY in working out the next steps. Then search your library for list.groupby and see if anything jumps out. They KEY to this exercise will be list management as the family types order shouldnt be sorted or shuffled beyond the original list.

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Many thanks for your reply and help JacobSmall…I will modify in the next day or 2…Im still a newbie so it will help me brush up my knowledge on list management.