Sequential loads in sequencial elements


Im fairly new to Dynamo/revit and I’m trying to apply a trapezoidal load to the roof purlins.

As far as I’m aware area loads applied to claddings are not possible, so instead I interpolated values for the load and came up with a list of linear loads.

I used “UniformMemberLoads.ByBar” where a list of bars and a list of loads were added, both with the same dimensions. I supposed that if I used the shortest lacing it would associate bar #1 to load #1 and so on.

But the result is strange and I don’t understand why. Can someone help?


Thanks in advance, Ana

The result:

I don’t see anything wrong with how you have it set up right now. You could try using levels for analyticalBars and fz (@L2), but it might have no effect. Is loadCase a single value or a list of values like the other inputs?

Thanks for your reply!

I’ve tried using levels to no success.
The load case is a single value.