Send concatenated sheet parameter values to .pdf

Evening Folks,

Have looked at trying to recreate the workflow from this video from Strategie Digitali via @Konrad_K_Sobon. in this youtube clip:

Strategie Digitali Srl

In this graph:

Rename Prints.dyn (33.4 KB)

Have fleshed it out to suit what I’m looking for. Essentially, I’m stuck on the logic of adding lists of information in python together.

Not looking for anyone to do this work for me - just to possibly point me in the right direction of what I should look at.

This issue is this: not getting a concatenated sheet name, but added lists.

This is what I’ve put together so far:

Concetenate Sheet (1.3 KB)

Link to Revit 2019 file used in the example:


Like this?

code = IN[0]
org = IN[1]
vol = IN[2]
level = IN [3]
typ = IN [4]
role = IN [5]
sheet = IN [6]
desc = IN [7]

name = []

#iterates through all the items in the zip
for n in zip(code, org, vol, level, typ, role, sheet, desc):

OUT = name

Thanks, @Mark.Ackerley , that zip function is a lot closer to where I want to get to - Yet, where I would like to get to is this:

XXX-LHA-ZZ-01-DR-A-201001_General Arrangement Plan

It gives me this output in lists/tuples at the moment:

That node is from package.

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Thanks @Konrad_K_Sobon :raised_hands:t2:

Oh sorry, you were asking for a python solution?

Otherwise I’d do this, as you were asking for varying separators…

**image **

That works too, @Mark.Ackerley & @Konrad_K_Sobon Great!

I was using Python, as I thought it the best option :man_shrugging:t3:

The only aspect I would like to develop and possibly look at changing; the separator just before the drawing name description if I could change that to an underscore I’ll satisfy our EDMS auto import, and separate the description into another field If not - I can live with it.

XXX-LHA-ZZ-01-DR-A-201001_General Arrangement Plan

If you didn’t want that precision, Konrad’s is much better

The advantage to my method is that you can specify the precise location of each separator…

It’s also very interesting to look inside Konrad’s node and see how a Master writes his python :slight_smile:

I’m learning a lot!


Looking at your graph, I’m just thinking that you haven’t got your project codes in?

I think you’ll want to go grab them and do some list cycling… here’s my version…

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Project codes are just place holder XXX’s at the moment. But, wow Mark - I’ll have a look and digest that script over the weekend, and next week. That’s a serious graph pal :raised_hands:t3:

NP, it’s mainly Konrad TBH…

You can just use what I did, but find and replace the last “-” with “_”:

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