Selecting the same item with SelectModelElements Data

Is it possible to select the same item multiple times with the SelectModelElements Data node? Every time I select the element a second time, it unselects it.

@mexawesome123 ,

Maybe the way you search for your components does not match…
you can select GroupByKey or Function
or All elements of Type, Category and filter by Parameters

or by Designscript shorthandstyle “x.Name”

make some screenshots from your arford :wink:



Where would I edit the way I search for components? This is what the selection looks like for me.

Hi @mexawesome123 …how about a way with some listcycle or repeatitems after you selection…just an idea :wink:

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Hello, with the node (ordered from package Data-shapes), you can click several times on your element (you no longer have + or -)


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Hi all.
I had forgotten to reply to this, the SelectModelElements Data (ordered) node worked well for me.

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