Selecting Nested Family Instances Based on Parameter Value

Hi all - I am new to Dynamo, so apologies for a seemingly simple question. I have a family that arrays a seat family in a stadium. The parent family (a row of seats) has a parameter that defines the seating section value (the 401 in the screenshot below). I can pull a list of the parent family instances based on the seat section parameter, but am lost as how to instead select the individual nested seats with the parent family. Any help is greatly appreciated!

FYI - the seat family is set to be “shared” - you can see the points in the background, so this doesn’t appear to be the problem…

Thanks for the reply Yna. I can select the nested families individually, but since each nested family (seat) is arrayed in a parent family (row of seats) that has the seat section parameter, I can’t figure out how to select only the nested families (seats) that are in section 401 for instance. Thoughts? Thanks again…

I don’t have much time right now but I would first try this:

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Thanks Vikram! That was the fix! I connected the revised graph with Blackbox’s node “Get.NestedFamily” and was able to achieve the desired results. Thanks again!

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