Selecting families by providing partial name

I’m wanting to be able to select any titleblock families in my project. Not titleblocks in use, but any titleblock family.

All of our titleblock familes start with “AP_Titleblock” and then have more description in the name after. So, if I can search for just the common text, I can grab them all.

Right now, the only option I’ve found is selecting each family by the specific names and doing a list join.

The problems are:
A. I have to specify every titleblock name
B. If it can’t find that specific name in the project, the script bombs on the list join.

I’ve seen options via add-on packages to find elements by giving a partial name, but not for families.

Any help is appreciated!


See attached image, that will be a way to select families that are not used in the model

Ah yeah. That’s better than what I was trying. I was getting all families in the project with an add-on node and then filtering as you are. I like starting with Family Symbol.


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