Selecting Columns that pass through a level


I’m attempting to select all the columns that show up on a certain level. If I use the “All Elements at Level” node, and plug in the level, it only selects the columns which have their base at that level. So the columns that start on the level below and extend through this level, don’t show up.

Any idea of how this can be done, or a node from another package that will do the trick?

select all slabs and columns, get geometry, perform geometry.intersect? assuming you have slabs at every level. or you could take the level elevation and create vast thin solids to intersect with columns

also please see this for getting more accurate help: How to get help on the Dynamo forums

You could try a workflow,
Convert levels to planes.
Extract column geometry.
Check for intersects with the OOTB node.

Please post examples of what you have tried up to this point, so we can see if we can offer the best guidance. Can’t do it for you I’m afraid, not the best way to learn :wink:

Or in the name of speed you could exclude the geometry intersection entirely.

Get Min and max elevations from columns.
Get the elevations from the level.
If the column min is less than the elevation, and the column max is more than the elevation, return the column. Otherwise return null,
Lastly clean your list.

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