Select face translated

Hi all,
I’m pretty a rookie here and i need some help with the following
Trying to get the intersection between curves based on grids and a face. My main problem is that every time i select the face, it shows up translated so I get wrong intersection curves.
Please see attached image
Any suggestion?
thank you so much!

Can you upload a sample Revit file and dyn?

Hi Ewan,
thank you so much for you help.
As a new member I can not upload attachments so
Please find shared folder link below.!AsWylWDK5x83jp0y8zDyQIiAPiZ-Dw


I have downloaded the files but the DYN is corrupt.
Upon attempting a basic workflow I cannot replicate the error.
Have you tried changing the geometry working range in the settings?

thank you so much for your help
Actually I opened the DYN file with no errors but playing with geometri setting it seems the problem disappeared.
Again thank you, really appreciated

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