Select elements in an airspace?

I want to select the elements “over” an object.

For example, i want to get objects over a selected floor.

I can do this in rectangular floors using the bounding box. I increase z coordinates of bounding box. but the problems arises in non-rectangular objects. Can I produce a non-rectangular “bounding box”?

Thank you all.

Which type of objects are you looking for? Rooms would be easy. Then you could get objects in the room from that.

yes, using rooms generally works. but i need to use selected model element. like floors or ceiling etc. especially floors.

You could copy the floor up 500mm and use Bimorph intersection nodes to find elements it interests then delete the copied floor.

thank you. it’s a good idea but there must be a faster way:/

Bimorph has a node to test for intersections with solids and elements too. Get the floor’s sketch lines, build a poly line, extrude that, use the Bimorph test.

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but: before your anser i did use floor face:)

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