Select elements by Phase and set true or false with a boolean parameter

Hi all, I am having issues selecting elements by phase, group them, then setting true with another parameter. I know it is a very simple task but I can not understand why isn’t working, any help as always is much appreciated! <3

This is an example on what I am trying to do.


In the schedule above there are 10 instances of walls, 4 of them do not have a “Phase Demolished” set. I have done all the selecting and filtering stuff to separate all the walls by “Phase Demolished” but the “SetParameterByName” its not working, it is like the list provided its nost a list of element. Please check the image below.

Thanks for any help.

I would do it like this:


hi @Johannes_Meiners, sorry for the late answer and thanks for your answer, it helped me to solve the issue.

Thank you :slight_smile: