Select a family type from a linked model


I am working within and MEP model assigning power to specific objects which are within a linked furniture model. Some of the elements in the linked model are small and difficult to find so i wanted to create a graph to automate this.

The elements i am looking for vary into the 1000’s and are all on the furniture category so i want to select them by family type. This way i can work through specific types and assign power outlets to each one logically.

I didnt get very far creating the graph but did find the select by family type node but it only lists families within the MEP (host) model, and the element i need to highlight is in the linked furniture model.

Is it even possible to select family types from linked models?

Rhythm and biomorph node packages.

Rhythm for link selection and bimorph for linked element selection. Then filter as needed.

@ChrisS were you able to solve your task with the listed packages & nodes above? If so please mark it as the solution.