Secure Support

Hi Everyone,

Where does one go for secure support? I understand the community development advantage that most new endeavors are tapping into these days, and why it is valuable. However, sometimes there really is a need to find assistance for something that can’t be published in a public forum.

For instance, if my firm was in a design competition designing a facade system, and I needed help to figure out something that required a visual aid, or needed a portion (or all) of my definition posted. There doesn’t seem to be a place I can get secure support. Sometimes it just isn’t feasible to post a snippet of a tiny section of your definition. Sometimes it requires a full view from a more skilled person.

While our work isn’t iconic megastructures, we frequently work with clients who require all firms interviewing to arrive with all of our work bound in opaque wrapping, boxed and taped, etc. How would we post here for support or assistance without showing anything from our project? Is there a place where we can specifically post to get support from Dynamo devs only or something?



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I know that this forum isn’t really a place to advertise or anything.

But, I would imagine if privacy is key that this may be a case to hire a consultant. Personally, I have worked with several firms on Dynamo graphs that are used for proprietary or secret projects.

In an effort to being fair, a few other companies that offer similar services are, (in no particular order),


@john_pierson thanks for answering the question, but let’s close this to any further advertising and non forum related activities, since you have inadvertently invited people to posting sales pitches. :slight_smile: