Search multiple values in list

Hi all,

I want to search for multiple values in a list.
If value appears, then I need a true.
window 1 - this is what I wanna have.
window 2 - is correct, cause of the capital P.
window 3 and 4 - those need to be like window 1.

How do I get window 3 and 4 shown like 1?

In this case I want a true when list contains “prefab” or “Prefab”.
But it can also be something else (“ms” or “metal-stud”) for example.

So when one word of the searchstring is present, then I want a TRUE

You may want to play around with your lacing. On Windows 3 and 4, would it change anything to lace it to longest, or even cross product?

PS, I always have trouble with String.Contains. Wish there were better search options.

YES!!! That did it…
I was trying around with lacing, but somehow did not got the right setting before! grmbl…

Lacing → Longest AND str → “use levels” and “keep structure”

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Damn @$#$#@$… Still not working haha…

Or is the only way to go around it with a transpose and maybe some other notes?

Maybe you can do this:

You can match with List.IndexOf if the list value and the search values are Equal.

This should be it:

When i want to search for multiple values in a list i use the Contains from archilab.
With archilabs node you can keep lacing on auto also.