Script Surface Flats nodes issue

Hi there!:wink:
I Would like to run this script to calculate Flat surfaces!
but there is issues on two nodes!:sweat:
I guess I have to upload some Package or replace this nodes by other nodes!
If you have any tips about that, It would be really interresting to solve it!:wink:
Thank you very much!

The last nodes is Telling me : Warning : “Element.SetParameterByName” operation failed.
the call is ambiguous between the two methods or following properties : “Revit.Elements.InternalUtilities.ElementUtils.SetParameterValue”…
(Autodesk.Revit.DB.Parameter,Revit.Elements.Element) and “Revit.Elements.InternalUtilities.SetParameterValue”

And the “Sum list” node is telling me : “definition of personalized node isn’t load”
I don’t know the meaning!:disappointed_relieved:


About those nodes, I think you have not installed the required package to use it. If it is from a private package, try importing that package, if it is from a well-known package, try install it trgouht the package manager. Have you developped this graph on another machine ?

If it is from a “well-known” package you can use WhatTheNode from Rhythm.

its mentioned here, but it could be another node aswell

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Hi Mellouze,
Actually yes on a couple of machine but the script don’t work on one machine, but i’m gonna try to install or install again this “sum list” node in the DiscC for users! And it works
Thank you very much Guys!

For next time, if you are going to use in a few computers and it is just one node you can open the node and copy paste the content in your graf.

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