Scheduling Duplex Apartments

Hi All,

I am looking for a way to effectively schedule duplex apartments. I am using rooms for the apartment areas, these have “dup.” in the name so I can filter these out from the other rooms.

I have also tried including an additional parameter that would group each pair of rooms that I need to add, like dup1, dup2 etc

What I think would work much better is if after the filtering out of rooms that belong to a duplex, Dynamo could identify which ones were located above/below others and add their area.

Any ideas?


Hi Starvos

This is not possible OFTB in Revit but it can be done. In the past I’ve exported to excel and used a look up function to find any ‘mezzanine’ rooms. These rooms had a room number suffix ‘M’ so it was easy to pair up. But that was in excel. If you want to show it in Revit, you’ll need to create a new shared parameter to represent the updated room area. You’ll need to add this to the room tag (possibly only the duplex ones to avoid running the script every time you add or modify a room), and then repeate the computational logic in Dynamo.

Yes. I’m sure Dynamo could determine which room was above another. Find the room boundaries, compare points to determine relative position, report, and change parameters.