Schedule with data from wall type and materials

I need a quantitative schedule that shows all the layers that make up one wall type (one line for each layer), but also include in a column the Wall Type Area. Here’s an example:

For now I need to do this manually, I have a materials schedule that brings the data of each material (defined for each layer of the wall type), import to excel (through the dynamo) and then use a wall schedule to check the Area of ​​each wall type and insert into its respective column manually.

I would like a routine that would do this automatically
Can someone give me tips on how to do this?

I thought of two possibilities: One would be to get this data from the area in my wall schedule and insert as a parameter in all materials that make up the corresponding wall type (then this data would be available in the materials table). Or make it the moment that I export the worksheet to excel, a column with that area value is added for all the lines of materials of the same wall type.

If I’m not clear about what I want, ask me for more details.