Schedule Sequence Number

Dear Experts,
Is it possible to do task of sequence number to the schedule as described in the photo?

@kvusal ,

Easily , even you can match it with your count of elements!

use Code Block Count(x) your elements and connect it to 1...n

Problem is how to write specific values to correct row? :thinking:

@kvusal ,

you mean in “order” ? Are talking about a “Starting Point”? like positon?

what elements you are adding a number?

Dear Draxl,
there are plenty of schedule in the project. I need to add sequence number to each schedule (as photo shared previously).
What ever you wrote is OK. However, problem is how we can add value to the schedule?

@kvusal ,

Most Export/Import tool, work with unique IDs, f.e. Revit ID
You can Export(save) as CSV and import it again…