Schedule Elements ID from Linked Model

Hello Experts :slight_smile:

I have this assignment for uni and I am hoping someone can help me out. This is what I have done so far:

I created one multicatagory schedules and one walls schedule in revit and I have included elements from linked model…I want to schedule the element ID of those elements in the Linked model…So I have created a shared instance paramenter in both Link and host and I can retreave the ID from both using the following nodes in Dynamo…The results I got till now are:

  • The elements ID from the Host model are being reported in the schedule with no issues
  • When I tab select an element in the Linked model The element ID fromt he Link file is retrieved and is being reported int he Properties Palette under Identity data (but grayed out)...However it is not being recorded int he Multicategory schedule.
What I need is to have the IDs of the elements scheduled fromt he the Link Model also showing under Element ID column in the schedule. Can anyone check it out and advise what to do?


Million Thanks