Scale view area to match sheet area

Hi, I’m putting views on sheets and using areas to determine how many views will generally fit to a sheet. Dividing the area of the views crop region area into what the sheet area is. However I’m struggling to figure out how the view crop region area divides to work with the sheet area if that makes sense. My method works for creating sheets and putting on views if I work it out to the view scale but if the scale changes it dosnt work. Is there a way to figure this out for different scale views? Usually the bin packing node divides the list into how many views will sort of work to a sheet if worked out for one scale

Views.Outline from archilab seems to be doing the trick but noticed the left over waste from the first bin is being carried over to the second I think making the bins bigger and bigger. Not consistent

Shouldn’t you be diving the area by the scale squared?

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This sounds like its making sense :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: if I need to do it again in future Ill give it a bash