Save the result to continue the next object selection

I want to number in mouse click
At first I chose 3 objects and the result was 1 2 3
The second time I choose 3 more objects and I want the result of the 1st is the number 3 is saved and the next to 4 5 6 without the need to enter the number of input begins numbering from 4
And so the results are always saved to numbering for the next time
If done like this would help me a lot at work
Many thanks for the help1

What are you trying to do exactly? It seems like you’d be better off filtering through your views with Dynamo instead of selecting views bit by bit.

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Hi @Nick_Boyts Please see this video
In video i don’t want enter “start number” after select element! Can you help me automatic

I don’t see any reason to not run it one time on the whole data set, but… It’s also unclear what your end goal is. But…

Look into the clipboard send to and clipboard get from nodes in the rhythm package. You’re still gonna have to toggle a Boolean switch to make this work, but likely easier to do that on every run, or use dynamo player to ensure they update on each run, than it would be to write them by hand.

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Thanks @JacobSmall for help
This is just one example! There are many cases where I need to select a group of objects with the same number of attributes! So I do not want to choose all!
I think it can be done from this script but I have difficulty in typing a function in the code block

@JacobSmall i thanks so much! I have understood your script.It’s great