Samples in Dynamo for Advance Steel 2019 run with warning

Dynamo Core
Dynamo AS

When run the samples in Dynamo AS, none of the sample run successful.
Most error are not related to specific AS node, they’re related to general nodes.
The code block runs w/o warnings in Dynamo for Revit 2019.

DYN file is attached.

2019-02-23_213412 Plates.dyn (20.9 KB)

Hi @Xiaofei_Ying


@Xiaofei_Ying - is this from the samples provided by Autodesk, and hasn’t been changed?

Yes, it comes with the DY installation file.
This is the 1st time I use DY for AS, so I don’t know if the issue exist since early versions of DY for AS.

Do you have any packages installed? I’m going to request an update to the installer to get the code block out of the demo (good use of list lacing anyway), but I don’t have AS at the moment so I can’t review myself.

For DY for revit, I have several packages installed.
But for DY for AS, there is no package installed.

BTW: I set a custom packages path for DY for revit, can I use the same path for DY for AS?

Yes, you can use the same path. However, I wouldn’t. You’ll have a lot of useless nodes as a result.