"Run me set to false" when it is not set to false

Hello, anyone had this kind of problem? The Rhythm.RenumberingRoomsByCurve node gives a “Run me set to false” error… when it is clearly not set to false. The Curve that is supposed to renumber the rooms should be alright. It gives as many errors as the curve passes rooms.Restarting Dynamo does not work.

change the value ( true, false ) in every time you want to run it ,

I tried turning it true/false, but the same error keeps happening.

Are you executing your graph using “manual” mode or “automatic”?


Which version of rhythm are you rocking?

Just installed the newest. Dynamo 1.3.3, Revit 2017

Looks like the node is failing internally at Geometry.BoundingBox. Use this graph instead. I will push an update soon
Renumber with Spline.dyn (20.2 KB)

Thank you john!

Unfortunately it seems that I have a much bigger problem with my file. I made this super simple graph, that works marvelously on one of my levels/views, where actually rooms are scattered on 2 sub levels, but goes completely crazy on any other view/level, even if I make the model line go threw 2-3 rooms. It either doesn’t see any rooms, crashes Revit or starts counting into infinity.

Any ideas as to what might be causing such problems? There are probably dozens of possible causes.