Rotating volumes in relation to each other


I will try to be clear but my English is unfortunately approximate…

I created a volume on Dynamo that I duplicated on points on a Z axis.
I would like these volumes to rotate relative to each other. For example, the first volume is aligned to the x-axis. A second volume, higher up, rotates 20 degrees. A third one rotates 20 degrees relative to the second one (i.e. 40 degrees relative to the x-axis) etc…
A bit like making a spiral staircase…

Is it possible or is it easier to do it with an adaptive component on Revit?

I hope I’ve been clear enough!

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hi Lea.
Have you tried the “FamilyInstance.SetRoation” node?
If you feed it with a list of your masses and a list of rotation degrees let say [20,40,80] it will probably do the work.

Geometry.Rotate node, using the overall centroid as the origin, the global Z axis as the axis, and a list of rotation values easiest defined by some design script:


where count is the count of masses.

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