Rotating plotted family instances based on ITM coordinates from excel sheet

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I am trying to plot spherical family instances based on ITM coordinates from an excel sheet. I have them plotting correctly relative to the project base point (i.e. I reduced the ITM coords by the PBP coords). However, there is project rotation of 118.16 relative to True North.

I have read through multiple threads and tried various combinations of rotation commands but cant seem to get it to work. If I run the script as is, the spheres plot themselves, if I then rotate them within Revit itself they move to the correct location. The rotation has to be relative to the Project Base Point though, not to its own internal origin. I have attached images of my script, where the spheres plot including a highlighted zone where they should be, and also images of the coords reduced.

Any assistance you guys could provide me with would be greatly appreciated.

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May be try Rotate with Origin?
Did you try to create group of objects first and rotate group after?

I have tried multiple rotate nodes at various stages of the script. Can you provide an example of the rotation workflow you are referring to? I just want to see the node used and the inputs used. Thanks.

This one:

If you can post RVT example and DYN file, we’ll try to find out problem.
Also look at “Rotate By Custom Point” from Synhtesize package.

Vladimir, I have sorted it! I simply had to group the geometry (points) before adding to the rotate node and plotting objects. See image below.