Rotate MGMA (Adaptative generic metric model) placed on XY axis to XZ axis


I will try to correctly speak english.

I create an extrusion in a Adaptative generic metric model family. As you can see on the picture below, i succesful placed my family on XY plane but i don’t know who to place it on XZ plane.


En français sinon

J’ai créer une extrusion dans un modèle générique métrique adaptatif (MGMA) que j’ai contraint par une hauteur.
En la chargeant dans une nouvelle famille de MGMA, j’arrive à placer la première famille dans celle si mais seulement sur la face que forme les axe X et Y (je dis face mais elle est placé sur un point bien sur)
J’aimerais pouvoir orienter cette famille comme la forme rouge de la capture d’écran.
J’ai regardé pas mal de tuto etc mais je ne trouve pas de solution.

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Hi, i think you can’t placethis adaptiv family in two different ways.
Your family has (i expect) only one adaptiv point.

Create a family with 2 adaptiv points.
Create the pointlists [[p1,p2][p3,p4]…] and place every family by 2 points

Hi, i understand what i have to do. I don’t have the knowledge to explain my problem in english sorry.
I can placed a series of “x” point with “y” mm on step but i don’t know who to create a list like your [[p1,p2]…]

If you understand better french than i understand english it can be useful for us (you speack in english and me in french)


your english is good enough:)
Your can create a list like that:

There is maybe a shorter way, but this is the only idea i had.

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thats faster:)

thats better:

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Wahou ! You are a very efficient person.
I try this solution this afternoon with my family and i go back to you for when i finish correctly my Dynamo.


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Yeah, i’m here.
This is my dynamo programs. I understand who work your program but i don’t know who to applicate it in my instance.

I would create a adaptive family with 2 points.
Create the placing point like i show you and than place the adaptiv family with these points


Hi, i see i don’t know who to creat a family like your example.
I go back to you when i know who to do this.

Have you got your test family to see how you build it ?

Thank’s in advanced.

shure…but it is created in Revit 2019
adaptiv_family_example.rfa (556 KB)

Hi !
I now understand who to build an adaptativ family correctly !
I go back to you when my DYNAMO is ready to create what i want :slight_smile:

See you soon ! (2 weeks i think)

All right !
I give you the family i need to place : MGMA_Corniere_50x50


Can’t upload a family as a new user :slight_smile:

First link is my dynamo :

The results :

What’s wrong ?

You want to place a adaptive family with 2 point.
Now you need to take this node:
you can control the oriantation of every adaptiv points:

So maybe you want, your point stay always vertical…

Ah yeah, i haven’t see that :slight_smile:
I have an ultimate question for you, as you can see below, i correctly create my profil ( red line) :


but i would like to have this :

I tried to combine different list to make that but that create something special :slight_smile:

I continue to try. Thanks in advance for your help

I have this for you

Need this :

Hi, you need to have point pairs with 2 point, because your adaptiv family has 2 placement points:
If you have two lists with 2point pairs, than use “join”:

maybe like that: