Rotate Family around y,x axis

Hello :slight_smile:
I was wondering that is there a way to do this working?


That Revit error needs to be addressed to irate the toilet. Why is the error being generated? My guess is it’s because toilets done like being horizontal - check if ‘always vertical’ is enabled.

Also I hope you have a plan for addressing the water that’s gonna be all over the floor…

It was just a family example. I would like to rotate any kind of family on the plane. It’s working only with z axis, that is my problem actually. I wanted to know that, is there a way to rotate any kind of families around y, x axis? Sorry that i wasn’t clear enough. :slight_smile:

The problem was in Revit family, it’s working. :slight_smile:

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Always vertical will get youth that every time. Keeps the water in the toilets though…:wink:

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