Room (geomtery & boundary) extraction fail

I am creating a 3D room mass in my project. For the irregular shape of rooms (Selected rooms in the snapshot below), their geometry and boundaries cannot be extracted. But even for the rectangular rooms, their geometry cannot be retrieved. Their geometries return “null”

Are there any method to solve the problem?

Hi @Annie

There are custom nodes to extract room boundaries. One of the custom node is “LunchBox Room Element Collector”.

yes, i have tried, but it still failed

Those at the top left hand concern shaded in grey are the successful 3D mass

Sorry i thought your trying to get room boundaries from rooms.

I always ran into similar problems. I recently tried generating the 3D room geometry directly from the native Revit geometry which seemd to help. The latest version of Clockwork contains the new nodes I had to make to get this to work:

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Encountered the same problem. Even if the rooms look closed, please be sure they look right with the interior fills. If the interior fill doesn’t look right, then the room isn’t closed. Room seperators should solve the problem.