Room Dimension - Ampersand - Convex hull Problem

I have used successfully Convex-hull from Ampersand package (@colin.mccrone) to dimension rooms in the Tag, The convex hull approach is the one that worked for most case, thank you Colin !
However, the node return a null value since we upgraded to Dynamo 2.

Does anyone has encounter the same issues?

Make sure you’re using the updated version of the package as a start. If you’re on the old package there will be problems with the new version of Dynamo.

Thanks @guillaume_harache! I’m just finding this out too. There’s something wrong with how Dynamo is parsing the Design Script from inside that node when it was upgraded to 2.0. It’s in the team’s backlog to diagnose and fix.

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Hello @colin.mccrone,
Thank you for your feedback, I’ll look forward for the update.

Thank you @JacobSmall you are right, I’ll check it out.

Hi @guillaume_harache, I’ve just updated Ampersand with a fix from @Aparajit_Pratap. Let me know if there are still problems! Colin

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Hi @colin.mccrone,
I updated Ampersand, the script run perfectly, ( just noticed one thing, convexHull is inside the rectangle tool already so even more simple )
Thank you !

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