Rooflight and internal, exposed floor missing from Family and Type


I am trying to extract all building elements. I got 80% of them but not sure why missing:

  • Rooflights
  • Floor apart from slab on grade

Why when I extract Family and Type can not see Rooflights but only windows? I can not see category rooflight.
In my floor-list, all internal floors or exposed floor is not included as well…I can see only one slab on grade?

I just realised that Doors are missing as well…?!

I would appreciate any help or guidance,

Are you trying to get ALL model elements or all elements visible in a view?

If you want ALL elements use the Collect All ELements in Model node in the Bakery package.

If you want all elements in a view use the Springs.Collector.ElementsInView node in the Springs package.


Here is my solution as ViewGetElements did not worked. :