Roof panel insulation


I need to make a tool in Dynamo for our company that generates a plan view for insulation panels on a flat roof.

In the picture below you see a 3d view of the flat roof and it has a slope in it for the water. What we need is that dynamo create panels as you can see on the section view.

i thought to do this with does intersect in the node below (bottom face search for intersection with top “sloped face”) but how can you make the geometry from it for the panels? and before i continue, would this be possible with Dynamo?

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Ampersand package as a tool.split which I think you’ll find quite useful. :slight_smile:

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I Will take a look on it :slight_smile:


After doing some research i found a better way to divide the roof face. I saw the tutorial on this site that places panels on a roof and that is exactly what i’m looking for:



But the final result i need is, when the panel intersects with the top(sloped) face, dynamo must pick a standard height from the family. In this example i have panels from 300,200 and 100mm high.

So main goal is:

i know we have the doesintersect node but how can you say, when a panel intersects top face pick the first standard panel height that is below the intersection points.

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