Rhythm Element.ParentFamily

Rhythm used to have a node called “Element.ParentFamily”. I recently updated Rhythm and found that this node no longer exists. Was it removed for a reason?

Is there an alternative node I can use now? I was relying on that node previously for a few of my tools and it is now undefined.

This is discussed here:

TLDR: Dynamo 2.0 is not backward compatible. So DYFs would not work in 1.3 if I updated to 2.0. Also, ZeroTouch (C#) = More stable. Basically, I made the move for my own sanity and unfortunately some stuff will break. :disappointed:

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As you may have noticed, Rhythm is now primarily updated because of bug fixes and items like that. I rarely add new features or new nodes at this time. So I am not too sure if I will be adding this node back anytime soon, but I can add to the Github issues for tracking, just in case I find the time for it.

That being said,

here is how you can achieve the same functionality.

and the DYN,
ElementParentFamily.dyn (8.1 KB)


Oh. Well that’s easy enough to toss into a custom node. Thanks.