I’ve been trying to modify source code of one DynamoSAP package so I can use it with newer version of SAP2000. I faced several difficulties since it my first attempt to do something like this but one with RevitTestSevices.dll remains unsolved and I can’t figure out what is wrong.

Where can I find this library? Should it be shipped with Revit or Dynamo or is it an independent package?

I’m using:
Revit 2018
DynamoStudio 1.3

Glad to hear your ideas,
Cheers, Mariusz

Try accessing this via dynamo for Revit instead of Dynamo Studio.

this dll is built when building dynamoRevit -

@JacobSmall thanks for your fast reply,
I have tried what you said but it didn’t work. There is not RevitTestServices.dll file included there neither.

I can see that DynamoDS/DynamoRevit repository will create RevitTestServices.dll. Then I should download it and build it as explained in readme.txt, right?

But what is the difference between DynamoDS/Dynamo and DynamoDS/DynamoRevit? How does it work? Is the second an extension for the first one? Why don’t I have ReviteTestServices.dll somewhere in Dynamo Studio or Dynamo for Revit?

I’m new to Dynamo itself and its source code, I’m also not a developer but would like to understand it in coming weeks. I will appreciate any explanation.

@agr4el have you managed to get the references RevitTestServices.dll or SystemTestService.dll??

i am trying the same for the SAP2000 v20

Hi @williams.espinosa,

I didn’t. I spend some hours trying but then decided to downgrade my SAP to v18. Do you need to use v20?

I still want to come back to this thing and solve it but when I have more time.

Dynamo is the core project, virtual machine, node graph ui etc
DynamoRevit is the interop with revit, nodes for revit api interaction, revit tests.


Yes, it is necessary for the company’s license
finally I managed to take the geometry of sap to revit via dynamo for excell tables exported from SAP