Revit Type Id


What node do I need to use to get the Family Type ID (6 number?) output based upon a Family Type?

I am using an output from excel to change the type of an existing family / instance in the revit model.

The string exports ok from revit and from that I think I can get the actual but…

…I am trying to use the “Change Family Type” custom node to then modify the type but it requires a type ID. I haven’t been able to see how to get this.

Any assistance greatly appreciated.



You can use the FamilyType.ByName node. However you have to be careful. If you have different families with the same family type name.

Otherwise you would have to use something else like FamilyType.ByFamilyAndName


Hi Louis,

I am already using the but this has two issues.

1 it returns the Type name of the family whereas I want the 6 digit ID as an input to the Change family Type

  1. It looks for the first instance that it can find of the type name input that I give it so it is returning an instance value.

I can’t seem to get the attach file to work on this forum otherwise I could send an image of my project.